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Registration is no longer possible, PTM is fully booked at the moment.
Thank you for your interest

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  • Payment reminder
    9 Nov 2023, 8:37

    Dear friends,
    there are two last days to proceed with the payments.
    If you haven´t done it already, please be so kind and do it now.
    If you have troubles with your bank, let us know, we´ll work something out.

  • PTM Confirmations
    27 Oct 2023, 13:39

    The first payment instructions will be sent later today.
    Everyone will get an update regarding the inscription status within the Monday, October 30th.

    Thank you for your patience.

    19 Oct 2023, 5:53

    Few tips & stress-free registration rules refresh :

    The registration form is accessible via our website www.praguetangomarathon/?page_id=14
    (tab Registration & Prices) under the button REGISTER HERE.

    As usual: the time is not of essence, but please try to proceed with the registration until Sunday.

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