„….. everyone is cheerful, everyone is a bit drunk, but less on wine
than on the oddness of the atmosphere, on that desire to prolong
the very rapidly passing moment.“


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  • Registration for PTM 2016 closed
    1 Nov 2015, 21:09

    Dear all, thank you all for so many registrations. There is more of them than the venue can accommodate. Therefore, the registration for the upcoming edition in 2016 is closed.

  • Registration closing soon
    19 Oct 2015, 22:12

    Dear all, we very much appreciate so many registrations; however, we are nearly totally overbooked. Only single leaders’ registrations from now on for a little more time. Thanks for understanding. Have a great autumn!

  • Registration to PTM 2016
    15 Oct 2015, 9:32

    The registration starts today at 20:00 local time. Refresh Registration tab after 20:00 and the link to the registration form should appear.

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