PTM 2023 – summer


Veronika Korchak

Part 1:

Part 2:
Andrija Zaak



Chararera, etc..:



Katrin Vaga:




Thank you for the nicely organized marathon.
I am again impressed by the Czech authenticity and creativity.
I met with old friends, made new friends, enjoyed dancing, sharing sightseeing moments, dinner talks and laughs.
                                    – Feray Adiguzel


Big Thank you to all who made this weekend so wonderful: organisers, DJs, old and new friends, all participating passionate tango loving dancers.
And Thank to Prague for being welcoming and friendly
                                   - Silvia Klara


Thank you so much for every smile, hug, and wonderful memories.
Such an amazing weekend with warm hurts people in beautiful Prague.
Valeria Comoro
I always wanted to come back to PTM. And I have no idea why it took me 9 years.
Thank you so much for the love and care that everyone involved was putting into this event!
I met so many wonderful people and had some really amazing dances.
It all made me feel at home on many different levels.
Get some good rest everyone and see you next time.
It will not be another 9 years!
                                  – Ina Greiner


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