PTM 2023 winter


Marta Kossakowska

Veronika Korchak

Andrija Zaak





Gabriela Ioana Manea

Ade Adeyemi

Fabrizio Lolli

Francesco Cieschi

Kamila Xenie Vetišková


“You know what to expect, but really, you don’t expect to be that good (again!). You walk into the room and you suddenly feel like you’ve been there before – even though you know you haven’t. The feeling is overwhelming, then it disappears just as quickly as it came on. That eerie feeling that you’ve been here and done this before, a real déjà vu. So heartwarming.”
                                                                                                    – Andreea Văidean

“I feel blessed to have been part of it. You made it to organise again your Circus edition with such a wonderful generosity, all the small details were here to give us the best. It was amazing !”
                                                                                                    – Anne Fatout

  • PTM 2024 Summer edition – Registration start
    4 Apr 2024, 5:52

    The registration for PTM 2024 summer edition (29.08.-02.09.2024) starts April, 18th on this website.

    17 Feb 2024, 7:04

    The winter edition is a history and here’s the link to the Thank You note on FB:

    Take care of yourself and see you the next time !!

    PTM 2024 Summer edition will take a place 29.08-02.09.2024.

    See you

  • Pre-party
    15 Jan 2024, 14:28

    The PTM pre-party will take place on Thursday, February, 8th from 20:00 – 01:00.

    Venue: Milonga Querida - The Fitz Club/ Hotel Fitzgerald Praha, Vítkova 151/26, Karlín, Praha 8.

    Entrance for marathoners: FREE !!

    See you there :)

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